Makido Cave

Address 2276-2 Toyonaga-akoma, Niimi-city, Okayama-prefecture

Makido Cave VR site is a great way to check the views inside the cave!

Limestone caves develop as surface and groundwater dissolve the limestone.

Stalactites are thought to begin forming from a single drip of water saturated with calcium carbonate. They grow only 1 cm in 100 years.

Okayama Prefecture Designated Natural Monument

A fantastic world filled with the beauty of nature produced by Mother Earth and colorful LED lights

A film location for a Japanese movie and drama entitled “Village of Eight Graves” (Yatsuhaka-mura) based on a mystery novel by well-known Japanese writer YOKOMIZO Seishi

People started calling it “Makido Cave” when the poets, YOSANO Tekkan and Akiko, penned a poem that called it “a cave filled with magic,” literally “makido” in Japanese.

It is said that the cave was discovered at the end of the Edo Period (1603-1867) by a hunter chasing a raccoon dog.

If you stand at the front of the pond, known as Koibito no Izumi (Lovers' Pond), you can look through a heart-shape opening. This is why the spot is included in the list of the great lovers’ spots in Japan.

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Ikurado Cave / lkura-Kyo Ravine

Address 409 Ikura, Niimi-city, Okayama-prefecture

Ikurado Cave is in a limestone cliff standing 240 m high with a large waterwall.

The ceiling of the cave is quite high and there is a 50m high water fall flowing from a hole in the wall of the cave.

Limestone caves develop as surface and groundwater dissolve the limestone.

Stalactites are thought to begin forming from a single drip of water saturated with calcium carbonate. They grow only 1 cm in 100 years.

Okayama Prefecture Designated Natural Monument

The steam locomotive, D51838, that was manufactured in 1943 is exhibited nearby.

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Rashomon / Sakura Park

Address 4484-1 Kusama, Niimi-city, Okayama-prefecture

The view of the natural arch bridge standing approx. 40 m high is magnificent.

Limestone caves develop as surface and groundwater dissolve the limestone over time. The Rashomon, a huge limestone cave in Kusama, shows the final stage of dissolution and collapse, a process that has occurred over a long period of time.

Nationally Designated Natural Monument

Rarely-seen plants also grow in the low-temperature and high-humidity environment created in the cave.

In early July, visitors can see a beautiful view of Hotaria parvula, a species of firefly.

The Sakura Park is located near the parking lot. The park is filled with a wide variety of cherry blossoms in full bloom in spring.

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Koigakubo Wetland

Address Tessei-cho yada, Niimi-city, Okayama-prefecture

One of the largest wetlands of Japan

Koigakubo Wetland is approx. 3.6 ha and more than 300 species of hygrophytes and aquatic grasses, including rare plants, grow wild.

Nationally Designated Natural Monument

Approx. 2.4 km-long walking path is developed to allow visitors to enjoy a walk surrounded by nature.

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Mt. Osa

Address 1 Osa-kominami, Niimi-city, Okayama-prefecture

Surrounded by nature, Mt. Osa is great for outdoor activities.

The area has a wide range of camp sites, including auto-camp fields, trailer houses, and large lodges.

The wide variety of outdoor programs offered include “shower trekking” upstream on the Takahashi River, which is a class A river, canoeing on the dam Lake, cave exploration, and more.

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Address 851 Niimi, Niimi-city, Okayama-prefecture

Goten-machi was developed by SEKI Nagaharu, 1st lord of the Niimi Domain, during the Edo Period (1603-1867).

The town retains the atmosphere from about 300 years ago. The inside of the building is open partially to the general public.

In the area, Shiseikan, a school managed by the Niimi Domain, has remained as Shisei Elementary School. MARUKAWA Shoin, known as the teacher of YAMADA Hokoku, was the principal of the school.

Dogeza Matsuri (Festival) / Daimyo (feudal lord) Procession, and Hina doll festival (girls’ day festival), all of which boasting long histories, are held in Goten-machi.

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Niimi Chiya Onsen Ibuki no Sato

Address 1336-5 Chiya-hanami, Niimi-city, Okayama-prefecture

The restaurant here offers meals that feature high-end brand Chiyagyu beef, which was developed from the oldest Tsuru beef* in Japan. This area is the home of Chiyagyu beef.

*Tsuru beef is a breed of superior quality considered the best in Japan.

It is located in a snowy area and has a ski site next to it that visitors enjoy in winter.

The hot spring is simple alkaline with a PH of 9.3. It is known as “Bihada no Yu,” or the Onsen of Beautiful Skin, because the onsen makes your skin smooth and shiny.

It also has an auto-camp field, a sports field, and accommodations.

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Shingo Onsen

Address 3188-1 Shingotakase, Niimi-city, Okayama-prefecture

Shingo Onsen has an outdoor bath made of Japanese cypress (hinoki) for a wonderful hot spring experience.

It also has an auto-camp field, bungalows, cottages, a sports field, and accommodations.

The ground is covered with natural lawn, making it great for soccer and other sports training camps. After working up a sweat, you can take a comfortable radon mineral spring bath to drain your fatigue away.

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Yumesuki Park (Parent-Child-Grandchild Waterwheels)

Address 1977-1 Shingo-shimokojiro, Niimi-city, Okayama-prefecture

This park has the largest triad of waterwheels in Japan (parent-child-grandchild waterwheels).

Visitors can also enjoy making Oku Bicchu Kojiro Washi, traditional Japanese paper craft that has been passed down in the area since ancient times.

The ranch restaurant serves high-quality brand beef.

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Bessho Outdoor Sports Center / Narutaki Falls, Yogo Rindo Nanamagari (Seven-Turn Yogo Forest Road)

Address 7189 Sugo, Niimi-city Okayama-prefecture

Rental bicycles are also available, and they are a great way to visit the neighboring dam, power spots, Narutaki Falls and Yogo Rindo Nanamagari (Seven-Turn Yogo Forest Road).

Bessho Outdoor Sports Center offers camping, and lodging in log houses and tatami rooms.

During summer, it is fun to catch fish with your bare hands and play in the river. It’s perfect for families.

It also has a BBQ area where you can have a BBQ even on rainy days.

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Niimi Museum of Art (Admission charged)

Address 361 Nishigata, Niimi-city, Okayama-prefecture

This museum has a beautiful garden where visitors can enjoy seasonal views throughout the year.

It houses about 1,100 items, including about 80 works by writer and painter TOMIOKA Tessai, and many other Japanese paintings by modern artists such as HIRAYAMA Ikuo and MIYASAKO Masaaki.

You can have a relaxing time at the café while enjoying a panoramic view of downtown Niimi.

There is an exhibition room for Niimi no Sho (a manor under the control of To-ji Temple in Kyoto). This important manor helps to clarify the history of the Japanese middle age (between the late 11th century and the late 16th century).

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Niimin, Niimi city’s mascot

The cute Niimi mascot

Niimin represents Chiyagyu Cattle, which was developed from the oldest Tsuru Breed* in Japan and a Niimi City specialty, and large, sweet, seedless “Pione” grapes called black diamonds.

*Superior quality of Tsuru Breed is considered the best in Japan.

A child of Chiyagyu Cattle born in the Pione vineyard

Niimin is used for manhole cards that are popular in Japan. The actual manhole is near the Niimi Museum of Art.

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