Chiyagyu beef

Known as the oldest Tsuru beef, (a breed of superior quality considered the best in Japan), Chiyagyu is from Kuroge-washu-Japanese black cattle, fattened on select feed in a natural environment enriched by the fresh headwaters of the Takahashi River. In the breeding of Chiyagyu, the concepts of superiority, health, food security, safety and trust are the priority. Chiyagyu is characterized by moderately marbled meat and the soft lean, bringing out the best in the natural taste of Japanese beef.

Pione (grapes)

Niimi City’s Pione production takes place on the karst plateau, an area of limestone situated 400 to 500 meters above sea level. Natural conditions created by the large difference in temperatures between day and night and the well-drained soil produce high-quality, large, purplish-black Pione. These seedless grapes are easy to eat, and have an elegant aroma and juicy pulp, making them highly popular.


The clear stream running through Niimi City makes the unique practice of sturgeon production possible. Caviar, one of the world’s most sought after, has become Niimi’s specialty. Niimi caviar features superior quality with clear taste and texture. Original dishes featuring Niimi sturgeon are served in restaurants throughout the city.


Taking advantage of climate and natural features similar to those found in Burgundy, the world-famous area of France, Niimi produces three kinds of grapes for wine production (Merlot, Chardonnay and Muscat Bailey A). The wines made from these grapes have a mellow bouquet, and have been recognized by experts with prizes in domestically-produced wine contests.


Osa in Niimi is where the terrain and climate conditions are very close to the Darjeeling district of India and is the very place we have finally reached. This is the world’s finest high quality tea gifted with the sheer brilliance of the leaves harvested at the tea fields deep in the mountains of Chugoku region. The misty air gently covers the leaves at the beginning and the end of each day. You will feel the beauty that lies in it and it shall bring you joy.

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