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Hanami Yogyo Center


Most people know about Niimi fishing pond in Chiya-hanami, by word-of-mouth, but there’s also a sign directing newcomers to the “tsuribori” (fishing pond) around the entrance of Niimi Chiya Onsen Ibuki-no-Sato. The fishing pond is located at the Hanami Yogyo Center, where amago trout and Japanese char are cultivated in water taken from the headwater of the Takahashi River. Visitors can broil the fish they catch over charcoal. An ozone disinfection system (no harm) is implemented for sanitation. In summer, visitors can try their luck catching fish barehanded. Surrounded by nature in Chiya, visitors enjoy clean air, negative ions, and delicious river fish. Enjoy a simple, but luxurious way of life. Broiled amago trout over charcoal is delicious, aromatic, and very tender!


住所 1376-5 Chiya-hanami, Niimi-city
駐車場 Available
その他 Tel.

Business hours
10:00am - 5:00pm (Registration until 4:00pm)

Open year-round

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