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Koigakubo Wetland


  • Lychnis kiusiana Makino

    Lychnis kiusiana Makino

  • Geranium yoshinoi

    Geranium yoshinoi

  • Leucanthemella linearis

    Leucanthemella linearis

Nationally Designated Natural Monument

This unexplored area where rare plants grow naturally creates a wonderfully comforting environment. The wetland covers 3.6 ha with a circumference of 2.4 km. Koigakubo Wetland is called the Ozenuma of western Japan. The more than 380 species of plants include Lychnis kiusiana Makino (Ogura Senno), Geranium yoshinoi (Bitchu Furo), and Leucanthemella linearis (Mikoshi Giku).
Visitors marvel at the plants and insects as they enjoy the hour-long stroll around the wetland.


住所 At Yadatani district, Tessei-cho yada, Niimi-city
駐車場 Available
その他 Tel.
Roadside Station Koigakubo 0867-94-9017
Koigakubo Wetland Administrative Office 0867-94-2347
Tessei Branch Office, Niimi City 0867-94-2111


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